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Atharva Infotech is a dynamic software company providing a new range of open, enterprise-wide business solutions to the travel industry based on .Net technology. Our solutions are both flexible and modular in design and can be easily integrated with your existing front or back office systems. Atharva Infotech offers leading edge, E-Travel technology for tour operators. Our solutions originate in innovative business ideas on how to Optimise the E-Travel environment to market and sell holiday products. They were designed with the Customer very much in mind.

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  • Key benefits of X-connect and E-net
  • X-Connect
    Launch an Online system with XML suppliers in 8 weeks. Optimum solution with reasonable pricing including Hosting, Server Space, Database, Backups, XML Maintenance and Technical Support. Hassle Free and Cost Effective solution using latest technology and architecture, user-friendly designs taking into consideration the utility and the customer very much in mind.
  • E-Net
    Ready-made distribution system for DMCs and Tour Operators. An unrivalled combination of travel and IT expertise, combined with strategy ensuring a policy to conduct business with the highest degree of integrity plus a commitment to help our clients address their business performance challenges.
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Solutions for
Travel industry

  • Ready to use
  • Pay as you go
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Multiple distribution channels
  • Online booking engine
  • Email alerts
  • Faster turnaround time
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